Friday, March 20, 2009

Time to throw out

I can't take it anymore! I can't take the mess. Time to throw out. Time to return to a more simple lifestyle. Seriously, how many wooden spoons, pizza cutters, crayons, unread books, VHS movies, etc. does one family need? Well, the house isn't getting any bigger and our family is as big as it's going to get, so something's got to go. And it's not the kids! (D just read over my shoulder and said, "my husband". No, not you either honey. )

Too much stuff! That's weird because I clean out, donate, and give away more than anyone I know. So how is there this much stuff?

Maybe I wouldn't have a gazillion loads of laundry if everyone didn't have umpteen jillion pairs of pants, shirts, and socks. Actually, you need two umpteen jillion socks to come up with just three pair! What in the heck is up with the socks?

Better get going. Got a suburban to fill! I can't wait.


Cheri said...

Tonia, I had the same feelings about a year ago. I hired a pro organizer to help me de-junk my house. I LOVE IT.. You will feel so light and stress free when you get things organized and de-junked. It is easy to maintain if you obey the rules of keeping organized. Peter Walsh on Oprah I think has written a book about this very subject it might be helpful.

Lorilee said...

I have so much junk as well; just talk to J about it. Everything that is not his is so called "junk". I really do need to crack the wip on myself and organize. I keep telling myself on Monday but as the workouts go so do the Mondays and I am still living with a pile of "junk". I am proud of you.