Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My treasured blanket

It's been thirteen years today. I can hardly believe it. I'm humbled as I sit here thinking about what to write. I'm a better woman today because of it.

Remember my love of dolls? Well, thirteen years ago my hobby was cross stitching. As I thumbed through my newest cross stitch magazine, there was a blanket in there for a doll. I just had to have it. I picked out my fabrics, bought the DMC flosses that I needed and I began to make the blanket for a daughter I just knew I was going to have someday. It took many hours. When I finished the blanket, I loved it. I even displayed it hanging over a little antique chair in our apartment living room. It was there just a couple of weeks when one day, it became one of my most treasured items.

Easter Sunday on April 7, 1996, my bare legs caught some burning alcohol. I quickly did the whole stop, drop, and roll thing. I quickly stood up and still saw flames coming from my legs. I knew I needed to smother the flames. But with what? Out the corner of my eye, I saw my little quilt that I had just finished and had put countless hours in. It's amazing what can go through your mind in about one second. How could I? That was supposed to be for a future daughter. Then I noticed myself grabbing the blanket and swatting then smothering the flames from my legs. The flames were finally gone.

While in the hospital after a few days, D told me of my little heirloom blanket. He was hesitant to tell me about it because it had been ruined. He told me that it had been badly burned. Even though I felt bad about the blanket and wondered about it's condition, I could hardly feel bad knowing that it had saved my legs. I knew that my daughter would someday appreciate the little quilt and the patches that would cover the burned areas.

Several days later I returned home. As I slowly walked into my apartment with my crutches, I saw my blanket. It was beautiful. It was a miracle. I couldn't believe how minimal the damage was. I knew that it was a tender mercy from the Lord that my heirloom blanket had been saved.
I now have two daughters. Who to give it to? I don't know. I do know this. Someday, it will be displayed hanging over a little antique chair again in their bedroom. They will learn to love the doll blanket just as I have. They will know that it symbolizes love of a mother and love of a Heavenly Father.


Cheri said...

you must stop posting such tear jerking posts. I love this story.

Amy said...

Wow! What a beautiful blanket! I'm so glad that you posted this story. The Lord is merciful. Physical reminders help us all.

Janet said...

What a sweet story! You could have never guessed how that blanket's blemishes would actually make it more perfect.

Lorilee said...

You did it again. Here I am trying to type through blury eyes. I didn't remember that this was your burn anniversary. Until you read 'your story' of what you experienced, no one really has any idea what you went through. What a blessing that little blanket truly was. I know your daughters will cherish it with all of their hearts.

Lynn said...

I hate commenting on your serious posts because I think that you will think that whatever I say will be sarcastic. This is not sarcastic.

I never knew much about your burn experience so it was interesting to learn a little bit more about what you went through. The story about the blanket is inspiring. I agree with your thinking that the Lord had something to do with it.

Erika said...

Very sweet post and blanket. I am sure your girls will treasure it. Good luck deciding who to give it to.

CJ said...

Heart wrenching story. I had no idea about the blanket. That is so amazing! Maybe the girls will have to take turns with the beautiful blanket.