Friday, April 30, 2010

Alive again

I just found the little girls' table next to the half wall upstairs. I quickly pulled it into the computer room where it belongs and told little g that that table can't be out there. That if the little girls climbed on it, they could fall over the wall and die. He quickly responded, "Well, Jesus could make them alive again".

It was upsetting to me to think that he was so callused at the thought of losing one of his little sisters over the half wall. But then I thought, "Wow, he's learned about being resurrected."

It's not that he wouldn't miss his sisters at all. It's the fact that he's learned the simple truths of our Savior. Today, he taught me.


Cheri said...

but we still don't want them to die... :)

LeAnne said...
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