Friday, April 1, 2011

Dinner is served

So, today was a pleasant day as far as April Fool's Day goes. The four older boys are old enough now that I don't have to pretend that I'm scared out of my mind every two seconds after being told that spiders are on me. G and J graduated to fake injuries. They dug out every brace and wrap they could find to wear to school. It was hilarious hearing their tales as to how they both had injured wrists. I guess they had a pretty good time with it at school, because they both came home telling me exact stats as to how many and who believed their crazy tales.

The day of jokes and teasing was new to little g though. He tried to tease me once or twice. After telling me something he asked, "What's that word?" I told him, "April Fools". He quickly giggled, "April Fools" to me thinking that he had really gotten me. For some reason, it really is cute and so much fun hearing them tease me and then acting as though they've really gotten me.

Everyone else? Nothin'.

I did make a call to one of my friend's dental offices and with a rough voice asked if it was a dental office and told them that I needed to go in for a scrubin'. They played along until they giggled and then asked who it was. I guess I changed my rough voice in there somewhere. I laughed and laughed.

I made dinner early for the family. That was nice to have out of the way. And, AND, no one complained about dinner. They were rather excited and impressed actually. G even requested that he have it for his birthday.

What was your day like?


Erika said...

Those are great! Every year I want to do some fun April Fool's food and each year comes and goes and I didn't do it again. We had a fun Surprise Dinner...but goshdarnit...NEXT YEAR!

Amanda Bush said...

Love those!!! I came here from my sisters Amy's blog. I am gong to book mark this and put in my google calendar for next year. I am so NOT creative (unlike Amy) something like this had never crossed my mind!!

Your family is BEAUTIFUL!!!

LeAnne said...

How did you make the carrots? That's cute!