Thursday, May 12, 2011

Do it all again

I've followed Stephanie Nielson's blog for a couple years now after just landing on it one day. She's the young mother that survived an airplane accident along with her husband. I'm not really interested in her life but in her journey as a surviving burn victim.

I remember the first time I read her blog. I cried and cried sick at the thought of someone else having to go through that. I knew though, just as I have, she would someday recognize all the miracles and neat things that come from such a trial. She has. It's been neat for me to see that.

Last week I got my DVD back from the 60 Minute archives in NYC. I can't wait to sit my family down and watch that piece of history with me. Perhaps this Sunday after church. I know that by watching it fifteen years ago, it prepared me for my own burned victim journey. I instantly recognized my accident as a miracle. It changed my life.

So, back to Stephanie and her blog known as Nienie's Dialogues. She and her family will be featured on 20/20 tomorrow night. I just saw a clip of some to come. Go here to watch it. That's what got me writing this all of a sudden. More personal history. All the years that I've told my story and shared my experiences come alive. I really can't even compare myself to Stephanie. She was burned over 80% of her body. I just had 15% on my legs. The thing we did have in common and what to watch for? The burn bath, the dressing changes, and the skin grafting. It just makes every memory and thought that I've written down, real again. In a good way.

Be sure to watch the segment tomorrow night. Not necessarily to see what I endured, or to fear fire, but to see how they've overcome what they've been through. It's marvelous.

One more thing....I had an uncle that is a Vietnam veteran come and visit with our family for Family Home Evening on Monday. He shared his stories with us while I recorded them for my children and his children. He told us that he would do it all again. (Return to the Vietnam War) I was shocked. I asked him why. He then said, "So that he (D) or any of your boys wouldn't have to go to war. Knowing what he went through and how it affected his life, I sat there quiet holding back the tears. Then I just couldn't help it anymore. I began sobbing. I've said many times that I too would gladly be burned and go through it all again just so that someone I loved didn't have to go through it. It's been a strange thing to feel that way all these years knowing what I went through, but to hear my uncle say that, validated everything I've ever felt. Made him even a bigger hero in my eyes.

So there you have it. More of my personal history. I know I probably talk about this a lot but it was a life changing experience. A change for good. Now go set your DVR and have a great weekend!

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aunt jan said...

Thanks for sharing. I never tire of learning from others. Love you!