Sunday, November 27, 2011

20 Years

D and I spent the last few days together.  Just the two of us.  It was quiet.  I liked it.  I liked being with him.  I even liked watching football with him.  Actually, he watched football as I wrapped myself all around him.  I don't watch football.  We spent our time going on walks, taking pictures, shopping for right hand rings (I'm a little giddy), eating out without children, Black Friday shopping, ordering movies, romantic ride on a gondola, buying chocolate in a chocolate shop and eating it in bed, and all the normal getaway stuff.  ;)

Check out this stud muffin.

This little French restaurant reminded me of the movie, "Ratatouille".  The French music was playing and I could just imagine the little chef and the mouse working together.  Yummy food.

Two Asian guys commented about how cute we were as a couple and how we interacted with each other. They had been watching us take our "kissing pictures" on time delay with my camera.  What they didn't know was that I was trying out the "Bachelor and Bachelorette kisses".  Have you seen how they hold each other's faces every single time they kiss?  I've been kissing D wrong for 20 years!  LOL  It is kind of sexy in a picture though.  We'll have to try it again for a really good Valentine's Day picture for D.  (D, forget you just read that part.)

Our gondolier was excited at the thought that we were still together after all those years.  The fact that we gave him hope for his generation.  Kind of fun.

D was cute to meet every need I had and a desire to make and keep me happy.  He bent over backwards for me doing things that weren't always convenient or fun.  I'm grateful for the time that I had with him.  For the inside jokes that we'll have from this time together.  Boy do we have some.  :)

So grateful for D and all that he is.  He's not perfect.  Neither am I.  Trust me.  I despise laundry.  And the fridge can get gross.  But, like Celia's grand-dad said, "I'm grateful for....".  Lots to be grateful for.  And I'm grateful for D.  I love you.


Anonymous said...

oh, i love it!! happy anniversary!!

Erika said...

Looks like a great trip and I recognize that place! :) It's good to get away and remember it started out with just the two of you! Happy 20 years. Wow. We are going to be 14 this year. Crazy.

BrittWilk said...

so fun! glad you guys got to get away!