Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dur-a-cell! Dur-a-cell!

J walked in from scouts a month or so ago with a box I've become very familiar with.  Like I've seen it twelve or so times in my home before.  But I've got it down now!

We keep it to a minimum around here.  No more asking neighbors for cuts or large drill holes for weights.  Nope.  All done right here in our very own kitchen.  Yip.  It's Pinewood Derby time baby and I still had another idea pop into my little head for this years car.

Here's a clue.  The copper top.

The one thing I hate about these cars though....putting on the darn wheels.  I chip off little pieces of wood every year while hammering in the wheels.  Well, this year one of the wheels was a little deeper than the others, so it didn't really roll while the other three did.  I pointed it out to D who thought he'd just pull the wheel up.  I must have turned my head just then because next thing I knew there were two huge pieces of car laying on the counter.  I can picture my eyes right now.  They must have been huge like one of those bush baby things.  I just stared at my car that I had finished whilst a portion of it had flaked off and was staring up at me.  I knew instantly what had happened.  I could just visualize it.  I then asked D, "Did you try to pry the wheel up?"  He then said, "Yes, and then it broke."  I took a deep breath and then ordered for the super glue to be brought over to me.  Time to play doctor.  No use in making a fuss over it all.  It still looked like my copper top when all was said and done.  I love you D.  Actually I'm grateful you don't really do these.  I think it would drive me nuts just watching.  No, I know it would.  I would need a his and hers car.  :)

It raced tonight. beat a couple cars.  In fact, every time our car was up for a race, the chanting would begin, "Dur-a-cell!  Dur-a-cell!  Dur-a-cell!

J left with the award, "Most Energetic".  We'll take it even though it's a Duracell not an Energizer.  Already plotting my next car in 2014.

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Erika said...

Very very cool T! I have taken to your simple approach for Derby cars. Much easier that way. Sheesh. But I love how many fun, different ones you come up with! Way to go!