Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday drive

The kids and I went back home over the weekend and had some time to kill Sunday afternoon.  We got in the suburban and headed out not sure where the car would take us.  We ended up on the same bus route I rode on several years while growing up.  It was a long one hour drive that I usually slept through so that I wouldn't get car sick.  This time though, it was beautiful.  I didn't realize how "in the country" I had grown up.  The fields were green, there were silos, fields full of cows and sheep, we spotted six deer, and the mountains were beautiful.

It took me over twenty years to return to that drive to find it beautiful and finally appreciate it.  I had grown up seeing sheep all the time.  I was familiar with their baa's.  But this time, I loved seeing the field of the ugly freshly sheared sheep with their young lambs.  It was beautiful.  I love watching the baby lambs play, yet stay close to their mothers.  I thought about myself as a mother, feeling as though I too were in those beautiful fields with my little "lambs".  I was happy.

As we continued on our way, the song from the Prince of Egypt came on.  A had the music full blast and then I heard J and G singing, "There can be miracles" from the middle seat just behind me.  I was overcome with emotion once again.  It was a new generation singing the words of a song I needed at that very moment.      I couldn't believe that it was happening again.  But then I had to remember the next phrase of the song, "When you believe".  And then it made sense.

Faith, the Atonement, my clicker, and a loving Father in Heaven.  Little did I know that my old bus route would be a healing Sunday drive.

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