Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby, it's cold outside!

It has been freezing cold the last few days.  Like cold enough that we need hats and gloves, coats even.  Oh dear, now we're talking cold weather.  We've gotten ugly coughs, sinus infections, dry throats and I'm left with the ugliest voice you've ever heard.

Each morning we look out to see the pool frozen over.  The kids love breaking off pieces of ice and throwing them in the pool.  Actually, they don't go in the pool, they break and scatter like shuffle board pucks across the ice.

I'm ready for warmer weather and my voice back.  Just makes me appreciate the good yummy warm weather when we have it.


Erika said...

Yes it has been chilly here too. I have liked it but glad for warmer weather. However I don't like the freezing temps for my citrus trees!

tgood said...

Feel lucky you get to go outside without your nose-hairs freezing. Not seeing above 0 degrees for two days straight is depressing. At least we have blue skies!! :)