Thursday, February 14, 2013

And the wall came tumbling down

Today I took down the rock climbing wall that I built for the kids a few years ago.  The boys have really enjoyed it.  It was great in our old back yard that was only good for peanut butter sandwiches and a slip and slide, and a rock wall.  It was something that nobody else had, so it was cool.  But, the kids have grown up, interests have changed and it's been just a weathered eye sore over in that part of the yard that no one uses anymore.

As much as it was a good feeling getting my yard cleaned up over there, it made me sad thinking about not having the rock wall.  And it was crazy how it could come apart in a couple hours when it took a couple days to put together.  

Now that it's gone though....I've got big plans which will include a cool brick fire pit area and raised garden boxes.  Now I'm on the countdown to get rid of the big old swing set thing.  D says that I have to wait until the day after Easter to take it down since he needs all the places he can get to hide his eggs.  haha  We'll see about that.  :)'s my yard!  People keep telling me not to get rid of this or that.  I can do what I want!!  I'm happy with all the changes I've made in the yard so far.  It was a beautiful yard to begin with, but now I've made it my yard.  I'm quite content that the wall came tumbling down.

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