Thursday, September 19, 2013

National Pirate Day--the Krispy Kreme way

We dug through the dress up box today to find any pirate garb we could find.  We made some eye patches, drew on some beards and headed to Krispy Kreme for National Pirate Day.  Since we were all dressed up, we each got a free dozen donuts.  We walked out of there with six dozen!  Oh I know it sounds silly walking out with six dozen donuts, but it's about making memories.  What kid gets their own dozen to themselves?  Ever?  We didn't share a single donut.  I let them eat them after dinner, for breakfast and snacks the next day or so.  Just because I think it's fun doing stupid, totally irresponsible things every once in awhile.  That's what makes things fun and memorable.  So, until next year.... Happy National Pirate Day, the Krispy Kreme way!

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