Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween back "home"

Some day last week, I called my sister and asked if we could come stay and surprise the family for Halloween. I've been married 17 years and have seven kids and no one has ever seen my kids dressed up. I thought it would be fun to see what a Halloween "back home" would be like. So I just took up five of the kids. (How funny does that sound?) I now know, that it's exhausting! There are so many family members there to visit, that you're just running all day. My nikes would have been nice to have rather than my zebra heels. We surprized my mom, my dad, both my grandparents, my sister and my other sister's husband. Later that day, I got looking at my kids. Wow! Of all the years to show up, there was only one kid even dressed up. A handful of cowboys football players and cheerleaders and Indiana Jones. Why couldn't it have been one of my more creative years? We did trunk or treat that night. We had already done ours, so it was just another night. I've decided that I like doing nothing back home. It was fun once.

Here's maybe one of the funniest things about our trip. My sister and I and our eight small kids are walking across the parking lot to see my sister at Papa Murphy's. There are several cars in and out of the parking lot. We wait for the chance to cross and head over. Well, someone lost their witch hat and stopped to pick it up. Didn't see that happen so...with S in my left arm and my camera dangling from my neck I proceed to fall straight to my knees.(in those zebra heels) I fall on my sisters's three year old, and little g. I continue to roll over on my back with my heels clear up in the air. My sister said I looked like a dead turtle on his back with zebra heels waving in the air. Well, what could I do but laugh my head off? Em, is trying to pick up her kids, I'm laughing because I can't get up. I have to roll over while I'm still holding S and my camera and without hands stand up. We're laughing hysterically because of the scene we've put on while cars are backed up out the parking lot and the line is all the way outside the pizza joint due to all the kids lining up for their free cookie dough. What a riot! I'm feeling like re-enacting it all over again for video sake. So next time I'm "back home" and there's less traffic, I may just try it all over again. Look for it in an up and coming blog post.

One of G and J's favorite things was seeing the lunch room at North Elementary where they actually make the food. What a concept! They couldn't believe the smell. It actually smelled good. The cooks had made homemade cake that morning, homemade croutons and make rolls three times a week. Waaaay different than where we live. The kids get a bunch of pre packaged whatever. The cooks thought it was great to hear two boys say they would eat school lunch everyday if they lived there.


The Payne Family said...

cute family! Lynn said you wanted to be invited to our blog but I don't have your email. So email me your email and I will add you.

Luvers said...

Love the pictures. Except i didn't see the Zebra Heels you need to add a pic of that too. It was fun looking at all the kids dressed up.
Hope all is well. Becca

Princess Aurora said...

ha ha ha i just LOVE embarrassing myself in a public place like that! ;) ha ha the kids are cute though! i miss em bad! tell everyone i say hello! heart: ang

KCenname said...

Wow, you know you're in Utah when the ladies are making fresh cooked food for the school lunches.
Oh and sorry to laugh at you falling but it's always a better fall when you have cute shoes on. Poor little witch, Sadie but I would have died if my camera hit the ground. Always save the camera first. The kids will stop crying in a minute.