Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dinner for Don

Tuesday I drove "back home" to attend my dad's retirement dinner. It was a great evening. (Even though I was running in and out, exchanging cell phones, crying, sobbing, and trying to find rides for my son to his lacrosse play off game. It's A LOT of work trying to leave town as a mom!) Anyway...what a night. What a tribute to my dad, Don Carlos. His friend, fellow teacher, and hunting buddy was the one that recognized my dad. He was hysterical with all kinds of hunting stories that they had been in on together. He spoke of the integrity of my father, something that many of us children also mentioned in notes that were read that evening. We giggled and cried as we heard each of our notes read regarding our father.

My dad was grateful for the opportunity. He was grateful for my H.S. He was grateful for his children's teachers. He's not looking back. He's moving forward ready to serve a full time mission. Something that he and my mom have planned on since they were married.

My family is tall, but we stood even taller that evening knowing that we belonged to "Don". He's created quite a legacy. He's made us proud to be a B.
Sisters C,E,L, me, brothers B,C, mom and dad. J lives too far away. We missed her.

Dad, thank you. Thank you for being "Don". Thank you for being the "Don" that thousands of your students will remember as not only a great spanish teacher but a man of integrity as well. I love you.


Lorilee said...

Other than the cell phone drama, it was a perfect evening. I loved being with the family and having you ride to and from with me and J boy. Didn't it make you walk away with even more love and appreciation for dad? He's the best. I don't think any father could top ours.

Janet said...

So fun to see your family all grown up...way up! Your parents are still so young!