Sunday, June 7, 2009

Seven makes me smile

I got thinking recently about what a great year it was last year. If last year was a slot machine, I would have hit the jackpot with a lucky seven. 777 Not that I would know. I'm serious!
I had my seventh baby, I celebrated seventeen years of marriage, and I turned thirtyseven. Pretty amazing.
In the past week, I got a request to take a picture of my kids. Just a random picture. Do you know how hard that is? To get seven children to cooperate? It's NOT going to happen. But as I found myself snapping away, I was smiling. I was giggling.
These random pictures ARE my kids. New buzzes as of this morning. B pulling hair. J over reacting. Long sleeves with church pants. Dresses with dinner on them. Long sleeve shirts with shorts. The pictures are no where perfect but they catch what I see everyday are what keeps me plugging along. My very own lucky seven.
As for little g...oh he makes me laugh. He's my buddy.


Amy said...

So great! I love this post. And what a lucky mama you are!

And I have to say another big THANKS for the diaper bag! I absolutely LOVE it. It's perfect! Did you catch it in the picture of us in the park? It's filled to overflowing with the kitchen sink.

Cheri said...

Great photos You are lucky triple 7's. Hope everything is going well with the fire clean up..

Megan said...

You have such beautiful children! Thank you for sharing.

Erika said...

Very fun post! Love all the crazy poses and such!

aunt jan said...

Hey you, thanks for the cute pics of your kids, and a double thanks for taking care of my kids (i.e.shuttle bus to the airport...). They appreciated it and the "hotel" and so do I. love you bunches.

Lorilee said...

The pics are great! How cute to do a pyramid with the little girls. Everyone was such a good sport. Darling.

Kjersti said...

You have such beautiful children. I love how you did really capture the everyday moments of their faces.