Monday, March 28, 2011

Man Hands

Man, I don't know what it is, but I've been motivated for sure. It may have something to do with my parents getting home in 4-5 weeks. Yippee! Or the fact that it's Spring. Or that I'm just fed up with stuff and messes and more stuff. So, I've cleaned out closets, totally redone the garage, got the yard ready for Spring, changed the girls room around, scrubbed carpets, more cleaning out, more throwing out (I do love that part), more digging and planting, back to Lowes, planting our garden, etc. Our garden, it's over twice the size as last year. We have a cucumber plant, cilantro, 3 jalapenos, and a poblano pepper plant. Can't wait to harvest. hehe So, it's taken three ENTIRE days to do all that. Days where you collapse in the evening and realize that you haven't sat on a chair all day. Those kind of days. D grabbed my hand tonight after Family Home Evening and I said, "My hands are gross. I've washed them a zillion times today and they've been in dirt all day". That's when he said, "Oh, man hands". That took me back several years when we were at my friend's couples Valentine's Day party. We had gone for a few years and this particular year there were different couples there. We played a game where one man at a time would sit in the middle of the room blindfolded. All the women would then let him feel our hands to see if he could recognize his wife's hands. Well, already being self conscious because of my short nails I reluctantly handed him my hands to feel over. He quickly pulled away and exclaimed, "Those are man hands!" I laughed and giggled right along with everyone else even although I wanted to cry my eyes out. He thought we had pulled a fast one on him and one of the guys had put in his hands as a joke. Nope. They were mine. Obviously I've never forgotten that experience and never will! So, when D said that I had man hands, I wanted to yank my hands away from him. But it was D that was saying it. And only for my ears. And...I know he appreciates all the things that I do with these dry, desperately needing body butter, man hands of mine. Note to self: Love your man hands because they remind you of all that you're able to do and have done. But...body butter your hands before the next party. Just sayin'.


Angie said...

Mmm. that reminds me of the quote by Sister Hinckley years ago about how she didn't want to arrive at the pearly gates all clean, polished and beautifully manicured but that she wanted to have dirt under her fingernails from weeding her neighbor's garden and other such evidences of a life worn out in service. Personally I find hands that don't seem ever to have done any work a bit disturbing.

Erika said...

Yep I have man hands too. Tiling, grouting, trimming bushes and digging in dirt will do it every time.

Erin said...

if it makes you feel any better ... i don't just have man hands ... i have grandpa hands.