Thursday, March 31, 2011

There's a snake!

little g came running and screaming across the yard the other day in a panic. He was convinced that there was a snake in our yard. I half way threw the phone the other direction and ran over to see the snake. As I was looking through the grass wondering what kind of snake it was, B was pointing to it. I couldn't see it. How could I not see a snake? It must have been a baby one I thought to myself.

little g came running over and in a shrill scream yelled, "There it is! There's the snake!" I couldn't help but notice that the snake was actually a night crawler who had wriggled his way out of the lawn while the kids were running through the sprinklers. I giggled and told them it was a worm. I don't think little g was convinced at first because he ran back in the house grabbing his scripture snake to compare it with.

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