Thursday, May 5, 2011

They're back!

Today was a glorious day! 


My parents returned from their eighteen month LDS mission today.  My siblings, our spouses and children welcomed them back at the airport with banners, flowers and cadbury chocolate eggs.  It was a beautiful sight.  Not just for me as I stood back to take the picture, but for many passers-by that told us so.  It was a fun surprise for us seeing how my parents only expected me to pick them up.

The day was spent hanging out, eating a six foot sandwich for lunch, swimming, playing in the backyard, and catching up. 

Our family has received many blessings and witnessed miracles because of my parents' decision to serve a mission.  I know that to be true!  Yesterday as a family, more blessings and miracles unfolded before our eyes.

It was a marvelous tear filled day!

I'm going to bed grateful for my parents.  Grateful for their faith.  Grateful for their willingness to serve.  Grateful they're back!

***Ask, suggest, beg and push your parents to serve a mission.  Your family's lives will be blessed one hundred fold.  Who wouldn't want that?

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