Saturday, July 9, 2011

Portland Temple and Pesto Sandwiches

 We got to go to the Portland Temple which is actually in Tigard.  We were sure that as soon as we got on top of the hill and could see out to see the temple spires, we'd surely find the temple.  FYI, there are a ton of really tall and leafy trees in Oregon.  We couldn't see a dang thing.  We asked a kind lady in a parking lot where the LDS temple was and she told us.  We just forgot to stay in the left lane like she had mentioned.  Ya, we got on a wrong freeway and were heading somewhere else.  We got back on track and then all of a sudden, we could see the spires in between some pine trees.  We had a great time there.  I'm so excited to cross off another temple on my temple list.  Oh ya, proof that I went to Oregon with my sister.  :)

I wanted to find a cute local place to have lunch on our way back.  We saw this Victorian house turned into a restaurant in Newton.  I was thrilled.  We requested to sit outside under a big shade tree.  I had a turkey sandwich with pesto cream cheese, carved turkey, lettuce, tomato, and a red pepper spread.  Super yummy.  I'll be making this at home. 

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Angelie Karen said...

Your trip looks so fun! I LOVE all the green! makes me not love living in the desert... i'm glad you enjoyed yourself! :)