Friday, August 12, 2011

"Can we do what they do on I Carly?"

The kids and I ran out to D's office yesterday for his birthday.  We delivered his favorite carrot cake in cupcake form.  We were greeted with literally dozens of cupcakes that people had made or gotten him already.  So, several were sent home with us since we have seven kids. 

The girls each had a cupcake and then they've just been sitting there.  A came over to me after lunch and with a mischievous grin asked, "Can we do what they do on 'I Carly'?"  I hesitantly asked, "What do they do?"  That's when he gave G and J the eye until they figured it out.  Next thing I knew, they each had a cupcake in hand ready to throw them at the sliding glass doors.  Why not?  So, the three boys, soon followed by little g began throwing cupcakes at the glass doors.  They screamed out with delight when their cupcake stayed glued to the window longer than their brothers'.  Soon, it was a race back and forth to the box with over twenty cupcakes to be thrown with hopes of winning.  Their giggles made me happy. Even when I saw some of the cupcakes entirely miss the windows. 

Afterwards, the cupcakes were then smeared onto the windows and fingerpainting followed. 

Now, I'm listening to the boys complain that the others aren't doing their part cleaning up.  Totally worth it though.  Everyone needs a mess now and then!  It's healthy.


Chad Banks said...

That's cool!

NelsonFamily said...

You are a better mom than me, I couldn't do it!