Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The joys of a pool

Who knew how much fun a swimming pool could be?   The splashing, dunking, feeling like you're going to drown and go into panic mode.  Who wouldn't want that?  Plus, the fact that you're exposing every little inch of your body.  I'm kind of a "Look at that airplane over there!" kind of person.  As you turn to look, I run to the edge of the pool, drop my towel as I quickly slide down into the water.  It's pretty much magic.  It was a little embarrassing when I was in high school and dated a swimmer.  When he was looking at his friends dorking around, that's when I did my magic.  Anyway...

Jen, remember when you heard that I didn't know how to swim and you about fell over?  Telling me that everyone in AZ had a pool so it was so natural and that you just couldn't even conceive a human let a lone an adult not knowing how to swim?  I'll have you know that I have taken a few swim lessons.  I can get across my shorter than I am pool.  I have this thing about my feet needing to be able to touch the pool.  While I stand!  With my face above the water. 

But, my kids are a different story.  They are little fish.  I see them spit, splash and dunk each other, and they usually giggle and tease me that I am so afraid when they are just playing.  I do get nervous, but I'm so happy that they don't have that same stupid fear.  That they can live in the normal human world.  So, I'm happy to report that my children have broken the chain.

During the summer we're out swimming at least once a day.(The kids in the pool.  Me sweating it out on the patio.)  Although it's great to have a pool, it's not like having a basement or a cool backyard to send the kids to.  I have to play lifeguard.  Sometimes, several hours a day.  I won't complain though.  I'd rather be raising fishies than fradies. 

Nothing brings me more swimming pool joy than discovering the floor of the pool covered in poop just fifty minutes before a playgroup from church pool party at my home.  My first response?  "What the crap?"  Sorry mom.  Without lots of time to notify people of my predicament, I ran out and bought a slip and slide and lots of otter pops.  Pool gone poop party a success.  Without the pool of course.

It took twenty four hours exactly for the pool to be drained.  But, the kids weren't disappointed.  They ran through it like it was their very own skate park.  If A hadn't been gone to volleyball camp, I'm sure that he would have asked to sleep in there while it was filling up over night.  The next day, the kids played in the filling pool like it had been their own beach.  It was as high as the girls' necks so they all had fun running and swimming. 
I'm happy to say that the pool is back and working in great condition again.  The kids are back to being their little fishy selves spitting, dunking and splashing.  They've even made the most out of the slip and slide as a dingy in the pool.  I love how J's diastema comes in handy for making him the perfect water fountain.  Love having a pool to beat the heat.

*Ever been swimming with just your spouse?  You must try it.  :)  Just sayin'.

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NelsonFamily said...

So glad you love the pool now. I think it is very funny when people don't know how to swim. Unfortunately my kids are not growing up with a pool in the backyard so they have to take swim lessons. Silly I know! Anyway, enjoy the heat. If you ever want to get away to the cooler climate come visit me.