Monday, October 31, 2011

He's really happy

C came home from his church history trip this summer telling us about a girl he met.  A girl that he hung out with.  A lot.  He told of how he liked her and why.  I couldn't argue with his reasons.  I was excited and happy for him. 

They have kept in touch since then talking and texting almost every day.  They have "skype" dates every few days.  He wanted nothing more than to see her for his birthday.  So, we made it happen.  I spoke with her and her mother to see if it would be okay, and we got a flight for her.

He greeted her at the airport with flowers and returned not long after hand in hand with his girlfriend.  They had so much fun together those three days.  They went on dates, had picnics, hung out with us, and then the dreaded goobye. 

It was hard saying goodbye to each other knowing that Thanksgiving would be the last time they would see each other until after his mission.  Possibly.
We've all talked about the chances of it "working out" between them.  They know that.  She's supportive and excited about him serving a mission.  They love each other for all the right reasons.  They make each other want to be better.  They are honest with each other and have no secrets.  They make each other happy.  She is his best friend.  He told me that he really likes her.  He said that he loves her and that she loves him.  I loved that he would tell me that.  That I was the kind of parent he would share that with.  I love our relationship. 

Oh, and I like her too!  :)
We'll see how this goes and what happens in the future.  But for right now, he's really happy.

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