Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trunk or Treat...for weeks

The end of my kitchen counter has had a pile growing on it for weeks now.  Blue gingham fabric, pink shoes, freezer paper, rick rack, paint, colored hair spray, Cheetos jar, etc.  It evolves as the weeks go by too.  Pink shoes become Modge Podged with red glitter.  Freezer paper is used to make iron on stencils for a BYU jersey, etc.  Little by little, my Halloween collection is complete.  Ready for trunk-or-treat.  Ready for my reputation for costumes.  I'm happy.

Where to begin?  Hmmmm.....

I was afraid the girls would want to be princesses for the next ten years so I suggested a couple characters in bed one night.  They had never heard of Little Red Riding Hood until I told them the story that evening.  They wanted to hear it again and again.  I like the crazy, hunting, creative process of it all so, I ran down to the Goodwill and found an old Gap hoodie, tore it apart, hand stitched it together, unpicked all the Gap logos, glued on some rick rack with liquid stitch since my sewing machine is acting out and voila.  Little Red Riding Hood.

I then suggested Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  Once again, they had never heard of her.  So, we made a trip to Target and got the movie.  It's been a hit ever since.  S agreed that she would be Dorothy once she heard she would have red glitter shoes.  Have you ever made a dress without a sewing machine?  Or pattern?  Check out what liquid stitch can do.  I'm serious!!  New BFF.  Bought my first jar of Modge Podge too and glittered her pink patent Old Navy shoes once I cut off the straps and such.

After making my sister's skeleton shirt using freezer paper, I kidded that I could make anything!  J demanded a "Jimmer" jersey.  Easy enough.  After about eight to ten hours, he had a jersey and a pair of shorts good enough for Jimmer himself.  Although the freezer paper thing is very tedious work, it too is a good friend of mine.  :)  J then requested his hair be dyed like Jimmer.  I bought a brown paint that I use for crazy hair days, but he wanted it dyed.  Okay.  Dyed it was with Revlon 41 this afternoon.  Followed by several foam curlers.  Do you know how hard it is to get "Jimmer" hair?  It's hard.  But so worth it.  He was thrilled.

I wasn't quite sure what to have little g for Halloween.  He came up to me two days ago and said, "Mom, I've never been a vampire".  So, he was a vampire.  It's about the fifteenth one we've had, so he got robbed of anything cool.  I mean, I just look at this picture and I can tell I was like, "Just slap this kid together and call it a costume!"  At least he thought it was cool.  It's all about the fangs at that age.

I saw a costume idea on line the other day and showed it to G.  It was a quick sale.  He couldn't wait to parade around as the headless dude carrying his head.  Too bad we didn't have a Cheetos jar.  So, we headed to Sam's to buy Cheetos.  Took a knife to the jar, then scissors, then a saw, then a pocket knife, then finally sanded it so that it wouldn't literally behead him.  He said that he had over 25 compliments on it tonight and got extra candy because of it.  I guess it was a hit.

I found a dress at Ross the other day and it screamed "Wicked Witch".  So, a witch I am.  I needed a broom though.  Not any broom. Her broom.  So, I bought a wreath, cut it in half and wired it around my garage broom stick.  It was good but not good enough.  So, I cut the grass off a plant in the back yard and wired it on too.  Little brown spray paint and the perfect Wicked Witch Broom.

I had fun watching all my costumes parading around the gym during dinner tonight.  I could appreciate all the hard work I had put into them.  I had a few different women make comments to me about how I always pull this together every year.  That's when I would say, "Trunk or Treat takes me weeks!"  There is NO WAY this can be done over night.  Makes me happy.

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Erika said...

Awesome job! I love the head one! And the girls are amazing. Our Trunk or Treat is tonight. I am hoping the weeks of work comes together as well as it looks in my head!!