Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My baby turns four

My baby turned four years old today. 

It's strange to think that this is the longest I have gone not being pregnant in 20 years!  I remember people telling me when she and B were babies, to enjoy the time because it would go by quickly.  I really tried to embrace the time with my babies.  I have loved it.  There have been times (many, a jillion in fact) that I have just wanted time to fly by as I see the messes that the two little girls can make together.  Wanting them to grow up and be done with this stage.  And this one.  And this one.  All while "enjoying" it.  I really have though.  And now, now I wonder where the last four years have gone.  Could it really have gone by as quickly as everyone warned me about?  My baby isn't a baby anymore nor will my family ever be a young family anymore.  I've gotten used to that now.  It was hard for me to think about that a year ago seeing how that is all I had ever known my entire married life.  Now, I'm embracing the family that I have with a missionary out and children involved in different sports, piano lessons, taking ACTs, doing scouts, dance lessons, etc. It's been a good thing.  I'm grateful that I've been able to see my children learn and grow.

Last week in church someone was giving a talk and referred to the old testament and how there were so may "begat"s.  They then pointed out our family and how we have done the most "begatting" in our ward.  I laughed and laughed and signaled while mouthing the words, "Done begatting!  Done begatting!"  Later on, another woman in our ward came up to me and said that she was glad that our family had been pointed out as the "begatting" family seeing how she also has seven children.  I laughed and laughed again and told her what I had done after hearing that.  She then laughed to me and said, "Famous last words!"  She was forty seven years old when she delivered her seventh "surprise" baby.  Ouch.  I didn't laugh so much after that.  LOL

I love my little S bug.  I love how she sits down and plays with her toys and dolls.  I love her shy little smile.  I love how she likes perfume, lip gloss, and skirts.  I love how she runs.  She has the perfect form.  I love how I see myself in her and that I can see her daddy in her too.

I love you S.  Happy 4th Birthday!

(Cake made and frosted by 12 year old G.)

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