Thursday, June 7, 2012

Made my day

I was leaving Smith's grocery store today with bags full of ice cream and goodies for the boys' last day of school party.  Just as I was closing the back of the suburban I noticed a car next to me with three people trying to load two chairs they had just purchased in the back of their small car.  At first glance I was like, "Wow, talk about business in the front and party in the back. Full on mullet just like I've got in my dress up box.  The guy was covered in tattoos, ripped off sleeves like the guy from "Chopper" and had some tight True Religion jeans on.  Kind of an odd look.  Despite the mullet, I couldn't drive off in my large car without offering to help deliver the chairs, so I asked them if they lived close by.  They told me the location and I offered to take the chairs for them.  They kind of acted taken back and then skeptically offered me ten bucks to deliver them.  I told them no, I wouldn't take their money, but that I had a car that could hold them and I was happy to help them out.

While I was rearranging the groceries I had just bought, moving the girls' car seats up a row and folding down the back seat to fit the chairs in, I heard them talking quietly amongst themselves.  The mullet man said that there really was a Good Samaritan these days.  He said that he was from New York and you would never see that there.  That he himself would never have offered to do what I did.  They jumped in their car and waited for me to follow them.  Too bad I misplaced my keys in all the rearranging.  For the next five minutes I was tearing my car and purse apart looking for the keys so that I could help them out not to mention get the six tubs of ice cream home before they became puddles in the car.  Finally, I found the keys and we were off.

As I was following them closely so that they wouldn't think I was running off with some new free chairs, the thought came to mind, "You have a pass along card".  It seemed so easy.  So, I pulled one out of my wallet and had it ready to hand them after I dropped off the chairs.  Once we arrived at their apartment I pulled over and helped get the chairs out.  Mullet man offered me some money again so that I could "get something for the kids". I told him absolutely not.  I was happy that I could help them.  I couldn't not help them when I had a large car that could get their chairs to their home.  Then, I handed him my pass along card.  I told him it was a card for the church that I go to.  All three of them were very excited.  They looked at it and read, "The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints".  One of them said, "We thought you must have been Christian to do this for us."  The lady asked me where my church was and if anyone could go.  I told her yes, and what times the services were.  Then she said that she might see me there.  Mullet man thanked me again and said that he needed to shake my hand because of what I had done and who I was.  I smiled and told them to have a good afternoon.

As I left the apartment complex, my smile turned to tears that my girls could hear from behind me.  They wondered what was wrong with me.  I explained that I was happy because I had been paid the highest compliment, they knowing that I must have been a Christian.  Which I AM!  It was one of the coolest things ever.

I'll be telling the elders about them.  Telling them to tell them, "The lady that helped get your chairs from Smith's referred us."  I'll be happy with that.

My favorite look for the day; business in the front, party in the back mullet,  tattoos, ripped off sleeves, New York accent and tight Blue Religion jeans.  It was perfect.  Made my day.

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Erika said...

That's a very neat story, B and C just read it and were both smiling after. I didn't even tell them to, the page was open and I walked off to do something and they read it...and hey...I can use it for FHE maybe!