Monday, July 9, 2012

Chimney Rock, Nebraska

The kids were kind of dreading leaving Kansas for several reasons.  It was to be our longest driving day, it was the Sabbath so we weren't going to be stopping anywhere or spending money, and we were fasting for a nephew that day.  But, it turned out to be a good day and the hours passed by quicker than expected.  

G loved being in his birth state again.

I loved seeing that we were back in Union Pacific Railroad territory again.

While driving through Nebraska I couldn't wait to see Chimney Rock, a National landmark and talked about by so many Mormon pioneers.  We were heading west just like those on the trails so I was humbled thinking about finally seeing it and wondering what it would look like as our own landmark as we traveled.

Then.....I saw it.  I pointed it out to the kids knowing that they would be excited not only to see it, but that they would know we were almost done for the day.  After pointing it out, I quietly sat there imagining myself as a pioneer and then the tears started to stream down my cheeks.  I thought about their journey, the trials they faced and the faith they must have had to leave all they had behind to go west.

We continued our drive for another twenty five miles and stayed the night in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  We broke our fast that day with cup of noodles in our hotel room.

Next stop;  South Dakota baby!

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