Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A great and safe weekend with family

 We spent the weekend up at D's grandpa's cabin.  Did you get all that?  That's a lot of apostrophes.  The kids had fun spending time with cousins, the guys played games, and the girls, well, we stayed up until 3:30 A.M. laughing and giggling.  Good times.

The kids couldn't wait to go horny toad hunting.  That's about as "hunting" as our family gets.  We're kind of the odd balls of the family.  Everyone else hunts....real animals.  Like deer and now bear.  Lots of bear talk up there.  lol   It was fun hearing them talk about their hobbies.  They crack me up.  Me, just thanking my lucky stars that I'm not married to a hunter.  Oh I wouldn't mind if D went and hunted.  He just knows he better not bring back anything for me to cut, clean, cook or eat.  In fact, my nose is turned up right now just thinking about it.  In fact I heard the word venison when opening some packages of "ground beef" and I think my eyeballs bonged out of my head.  It was a hot dog night for me.  Yes, I will eat that "who knows what" any day over that.  Anyway, back to horny toad hunting...

Can't go to the cabin without getting a few "ouchies".  little g is checking his out.  We made it home before the actual "Labor Day".  I'm kind of supersticous about ERs and holidays.  Somehow they go together way too often!

The only time we ever buy pop is when we go to the cabin.  It's just not something we ever have around.  So, the kids ask all day long if they can have a pop or a soda.  Drives me nuts that my kids call it a soda.  It's a pop!

After losing my grandpa a few weeks ago, I looked at D's grandpa differently.  The kids love his cabin and I loved seeing him in a cowboy hat.  When C was little he called him, "Grandpa the farmer".

It was a riot up there with all the iPods, iPhones and iPads.  Lots of charging going on.  

And this hat......classic.

A had a new way of laying in a hammock.  He literally hangs IN it.

All seven of my kids have enjoyed the tire swing.  Now the younger cousins do.

My boys can't go up the mountain without climbing the trees.  A scares the heck out of me he climbs to high. He, G and J were timing each other while practically running up the pine tree.  It was crazy.  A climbed it in just seven seconds.  Here he's looking up to G as he's climbing.  (And the picture of G is zoomed!  He's waaay up there!)

I loved this sweet sight of little g next to his cousin that we've been fasting and praying for.

The girls had fun playing in the dirt and gathering flowers.

Here is a niece and I love this picture of her bangs, pretty eyes and her missing teeth.  Beautiful.  I loved how she was so careful with the little flower too. 

As we were heading down the mountain I saw a cowboy with his sheep.  Made me think about all the times the sheep would go down my road growing up as they were headed up the mountain each summer.

Check out the fields of sunflowers.  I so wanted to run out into the fields and get a picture while twirling around.  Not so sure that would be easy to do, but I wanted to.  :)

It was a great and safe weekend with family.

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Erika said...

So fun! Sad we missed it. Too bad we live so durn far away! B will be sad she missed another epic horny toad adventure. Great pics. Especially love the one of Grandpa.