Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pirate Day

I heard about "Pirate Day" today at Krispy Kreme.

Talk like a pirate = Get a free donut

Dress like a pirate = Get a dozen free donuts

So, I pulled the dress up box down and dug through it to find bandannas and leftover pirate attire from past Halloweens.  I then threw those on the kids, cut out patches from black card stock and taped them over an eye each, drew a mustache on little g and put an earring in each of the girls' ears.  Then we headed out.

Came home with not only a dozen donuts, but a dozen for each person that dressed up like a pirate.  That's thirty six donuts.  Kind of came in handy for dinner since we were running from cross country, to basketball to court of honor tonight.  ;)  Can you imagine if we had all waltzed in there with every bandanna that was in the dress up box I've collected over the years?  Crazy funny.

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