Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas day the skype way

Christmas kind of sneaked up this year.  There were no Christmas cards sent out.  Or ordered for that matter.  No treats delivered to neighbors or friends.  No driving around to see the lights.  It just kind of got here.

But...Christmas day itself was perfect today.  I loved seeing the kids line up on the stairs this morning like they have the last eleven years on Christmas morning.  Each child had surprises that made them smile and some of them could have been on commercials for their reaction when seeing their gifts from "Santa".  It was awesome.

We anxiously awaited 4:00 P.M. for our skype session with C from Mexico.  Oh, it was SO GOOD to see him.  He has the cutest smile and a confidence about him.  He is happy and doing well.  For the last year I have secretly worried about Christmas day for C with him being gone, out of the country, no family, and NOT getting his Christmas packages that were sent.  I was worried about him being homesick and the thought of me not being able to do anything for it was difficult.  That's where our prayers and the prayers of SO MANY helped not only him but me.  I could see that he is fully engaged in the Lord's work and that he is working hard.  I saw a man that is selfless and doing what he knows to be right.  

We enjoyed our two hour session with him as he told us more about his life as a missionary, the growth he's seen in himself, and his desire for all of us to make good choices so that we can be an eternal family.  We had a good laugh when he told us that he is the only missionary in his entire mission that is supposed to wear a hat at all times when outside because of his skin.  He bought himself a sombrero.  He says that many people will see him and say, "Yee haw".  He also told us how people call him blonde since they don't know what blonde is and he is the only red head in the small town he is living in.  Pretty funny.  As soon as we ended our skype session, I let the tears roll down my face.  I had just witnessed a tender mercy. My son was fine.  My son is doing GREAT.

Although I've been laying on the couch for the last two days not feeling well, my heart is full, I'm feeling so blessed and I'm grateful that my missionary is doing well and happy.  Merry Christmas everyone.

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