Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Even cupid "mustache" his arrows somewhere

My sister came to visit with her family the other day.  We had loads of fun.  We moved chairs around, switched out lamps, created my very own Deseret Book gallery, got new groupings, had a "Valentine party" for her little girls and did some pictures.  My sister came to "work", but I mentioned that we could have a party for her girlies.  Well, she mentioned it to them and .......after about six hundred times of being asked when the "party" would be, we threw together the lamest and shortest party ever.  The little girls were thrilled, the ten year old, not so much.  We were going to do a really cute photo shoot of the girls being cupid, but it got late, the little girls were ornery and so we stapled a sheet on the wall and took some quick photos.  I LOVE this one of my niece.  It is awesome.

The whole mustache thing is huge right now.  We had to get in on the fun so I got some pink ones for the girls.  Everyone sports a mustache differently that is for sure.  Even the two little guys had to get in on this one.  I had no idea.  :)

The title; lame I know.  But I'm up not being able to sleep and that's all I got.  :)

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