Sunday, January 27, 2013


A was asked to Sadie's by A Hoer.  I asked him just after being asked if he was excited.  His very typical A response was, "I'm excited for the free clothes."  Coming from Mr. Frugal and not wanting to show too much excitement or draw too much attention, I giggled at his answer being shocked and not shocked all at the same time.  (The girls always get their date a matching shirt or hoodie.)  

He was funny letting me tease, or so I made it seem that way, about making sure he had brushed teeth, a shaved mustache and doused  himself with his good cologne from Banana Republic.  

I showed up to where they were doing pictures and snapped a couple shots.  I caught A comfortable and cute with his date and friends.  I left almost with a skip in my step.  :)

When he reported in after his date I asked him the usual questions without making it too torturous or so that he wouldn't entirely shut down.  Who am I kidding?  I really didn't expect more than the normal non expressive, "I don't know" or "sure" or "ya".  But, being pleasantly surprised, and sure a blessing from having a missionary out, he was cute and proceeded to tell me about the evening.  "A" style of course.  One teeny miracle at a time.  :)

They went and got pictures taken.  Ate dinner at the Elephant Bar where he had Orange Chicken.  Went to the Sadie's Carnival for an appearance since his date and some of her friends are in Student Council.  Went to a Korean Restaurant in China Town and did karaoke.  At which point the next miracle happened.  He then went on saying, "I was so good.  I was better than everyone.  I sang two songs.  I was so good." Without trying to sound too shocked, I asked him if he sang by himself.  He then went on to say how good he had done and which songs he had sung.  I'm not shocked that he did well because he has excellent pitch  and a great voice, but my quiet non wanting any attention son SANG in front of people and even GIRLS??!!!  What I wasn't shocked at though, were his song choices.  A couple songs from Taylor Swift.  He can sing those songs forward and backwards probably in seventeen languages.  

I asked him if he had fun.  He said, "yes".  I told him good night.  As soon as he left my bedroom, I rolled over, grabbed D's arm and said, "See, see, there's hope!  Our quiet boy is going to be okay.  Thank you C for serving a mission!"  

I went to bed more than smiling last night.  

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