Thursday, February 28, 2013

Date with little g to Kansas

little g has been feeling left out for quite awhile now, not ever having flown on an airplane.  I told him that as soon as I found a cheap flight, I would take him somewhere.  The right flight came up and we headed to Kansas to visit my cute sister and her family of six boys.  We almost didn't go since they had a record snowfall the night before.  They couldn't guarantee us that they would land in Kansas.  We took the flight hoping for the best.

It was so fun having that time with just him.  We walked around the airport hand in hand, I helped him tie his shoes after going through security and I bought him a cinnamon roll at Cinnabon.  All the little things that I don't take the time to do with a bunch of other children.  He especially made me giggle as we sat waiting for our airplane.  He discovered a photo thing on my iPad.

Our visit in Kansas, wasn't the normal trip.  They had just received their largest snowfall on over fifty years.  The cousins had several snow days so they were home to play with little g.  It was the perfect trip.  Snow + Uncle Boss = a TON of fun!!  He made a luge off of the play set that wrapped around the back yard and a  huge mound of snow with a den for each child.  The kids lived outside the few days we were there.

I had fun watching my sister make amazing, all from scratch food.  Made me excited to get home to cook again.  I've gotten in the worst rut.  I've made some of her yummy food and it makes me happy.  I helped her move things around in her living room, (that's what I do, I can't help myself) and we talked about her young women and how she can help them.  I love talking to her.  We are very similar.  I think she really values my opinion and that makes me feel special.

Proof I left the house for just a tiny bit.  :)  (I'm getting blown away in a Kansas twister)

One thing that warmed this missionary mom's heart was encouraging a missionary to go down the luge Uncle Boss had made.  It seriously made me so happy!

Trying to be as frugal as I possibly could, I purchased one carry on for the flight between the two of us.  With not much room to take things, I didn't take my camera.  I thought, oh I have my iPad now.  I can take pictures with that.  Well, that was all fine and good until I got to Kansas in the Winter without any leaves on the trees and the cardinals were RIGHT THERE waiting for a big old zoom lense to take an awesome picture!!  How could I have really not taken my camera?  I did have fun watching for them as they flew across the back yard and perched themselves in the trees and on the fences.

Church was interesting.  haha  Just before Relief Society started someone asked me if I was my sister's mother.  I grinned holding back the tears, saying that I was just her older sister.  I'm only seven years older than her.  That was hard.  But....there is something about those cute Kansas women that almost makes me feel like we need to move into the mission, mission field.  More so than where I'm living.  They needed me.  And I needed them.  One of my sister's friends asked me if I could say the opening prayer and that they were sick of hearing the same old six prayers.  I giggled and agreed to say it.  Then, someone asked if anyone knew how to lead the music.  With no one responding, I said that I knew how to lead, but that I wasn't going to put on a one man show.  I could pray or lead.  Then they said that it would be really easy to lead because it would be A Cappella since there wasn't anyone that could play piano.  Almost embarrassed, I giggled again saying that I could play the piano.  I ended up playing the piano and saying the prayer.  Oh ya, my sister was in young womens at the time or she would have been playing the piano.  haha  Anyway, I was so comfortable with the sisters and felt so welcome.  I love those cute ladies.

little g had so much fun playing with all the boys.  He played outside for hours each day, he learned how to program on the computer, he played and played with boys his age.  It was perfect.

It was hard saying goodbye to my sister knowing that I wouldn't see her or her cute family for a few months. We had had such a great time together, having great talks, sharing our testimonies with each other and getting to know each other better.  Unless you have a family of boys, you don't get it.  It's different.  

little g and I weren't sure if we would be leaving or not because another record snow fall was expected.  We were the only flight that left out of the airport that day.  We ended up sitting on the plane for an hour and a half and they de-iced the plane twice.  I was extremely nervous flying in the storm and hoping to return to my motherly duties the next day.

I was so grateful for the time with my sister, for the time with little g and for a family I left behind picking up the pieces to where I left off.

I love you J.  Can't wait to see you in a few!  :)  I'm so grateful for my date with little g to Kansas.

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