Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Loveland9 500

This is my 500th post on the Loveland9 blog!  500 entries for my children to know more about me.  I can't think of anything better to post on this occasion than the obstacle course A made up today.  It was fun watching all the kids have their run at it and then it was my turn.  Oh boy.  :)

These pictures aren't the most flattering pictures in the world, but they are me, a mom willing to run around the yard doing the obstacle course just like her kids.  I was giggling my head off just imagining what I looked like.  But I was giggling even more thinking about myself doing what I was doing for my kids.  That is what they will remember some day.  Their mom that did the obstacle course.  And I might add....I would much rather do this obstacle course than the one that involves a swimsuit and the pool in a couple months.  We'll let dad do that one.  haha

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lesli said...

i love that you did the course and that you made one up as well! good on ya mom! those are lucky children!
i'm at fyi. ; ) here's to enjoying your blog!