Sunday, March 17, 2013

Suspension bridge

Upon returning from Kansas, I found the pool with boards from the "used to be swing set" criss crossed all over the place.  The kids ran outside to show me how they had proudly made a pirate plank to walk out on and balance beams for the little girls to walk on.  They bragged that they had gotten bored on Sunday so that's what they had come up with.  Where was D when all of this was happening?  :)

Not long after that, I found them making something else.  They call it their "Suspension bridge".  I call it absolutely dangerous!!  I finally agreed to let them climb over it with D on one end and I on the other so that it wouldn't collapse.  I was nervous and skeptical.  They were out of their minds excited.  Crazy boys.  

A week or so later, my dad, aka, Grandpa of the year, was found out swimming in the frigid waters with the littles while hanging on the suspension bridge.  I tried not to let my eyes bong out of my head and played along, telling him not to move so that I could grab a picture.  I mean really, you had to see it to believe it.  I was just like, " that doesn't fall and kill my dad!!!  It didn't.  He is still here and so is the bridge!

So, I wonder what is next and what I'll find later.  Silly boys.  They make me laugh.  And that suspension bridge is so secretly going to disappear soon!!

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