Monday, April 15, 2013

Gonna go buy more panties

I was making B lunch today when she called me down to whisper something in my ear.  With a huge grin, I thought this is what she said,  "I didn't go potty in my panties at school today".  I looked at her  while nodding and told her good.  Her smile remained on her cute face but there was a look of confusion as she said, "Mom, I said I didn't wear any panties to school today."

Shocked, I asked her, "You didn't wear any panties today?  You never wore any panties at school today?  At all?"

With her huge brown eyes and her cute toothless grin she said, "No, see!" while lifting the front of her skirt up to prove it.  I think I gasped and then giggled and giggled at the thought of my little kindergartner out to recess without any panties in a skirt.

We quickly found some panties and had the talk about needing to wear them at all times.  So what exactly did she do at recess?  She played red light, green light.  Woo!  Could have been so bad.

It's fun around here I tell ya.  Gonna go buy more panties!

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