Thursday, May 16, 2013

MY fireplace

I've been in one of those projecting moods lately.  Seriously.  Like big projects, not just sweeping out the pantry.  This time....I pried off the tile around the fireplace, pulled off the "rock" wallpaper and put Airstone synthetic rocks up instead and framed in the window.  I LOVE it!!  Makes me so happy.

I saw the Airstone at Lowe's a few months ago.  I noticed that you could do the cuts with a hack saw.  That's right!  A saw that costs less than ten dollars and would save me a couple thousand dollars on manual labor.  I got busy in my work area (aka kitchen) and built me something that I am proud of.  Now my sister-in-law won't ask me if I have linoleum on my walls next time she comes over!

I would totally recommend this project.

Here is the before and the boys helping demolish it.

Here is the new one.  Here is MY fireplace.


Jenifer Nelson said...

Love it! You are amazing all the stuff you do.

Larisa Banks - Cosmetologist/Lash Extensionist said...

Seriously, I can't get over how awesome this looks! You're amazing and a DIY inspiration to every homemaker out there!

Amy said...

You are amazing! I am not brave enough so I will keep sweeping out the pantry :)

brian and amanda said...

i love it!! i love that lamp shade, too!

Erika said...

Looks amazing! Way to go. I love it! You are on a roll lately!!