Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another adult in the house

It really is hard to believe that A is now an adult.  It's so fun though.  He's online scheduling his classes this fall all by his little lonesome.  He'll be going to the pediatrician by himself on Tuesday to get his second Meningitis vaccine.  And he'll be (gulp, totally not related here) jumping out of an airplane on Saturday now that he is of age.  I'm kind of excited to see him excited and not dealing with the same fears I deal with.

And how about that cake?  Two peanut butter pies are what he requested. The candle is the one, and the double pie is the eight.  Get it?

I love this boy so much.  He makes me so happy and he is funnier than ever.  Just to prove it, I was reading through some blog entries to the kids the other day while sitting on my couch with the iPad.  I read the post regarding B not wearing any panties to school one day.  The kids laughed and laughed having forgotten the story but A quickly said, "I never wear panties to school." with the tiniest smirk on his face.

He is the best helper, driver, shopper, big brother that isn't too cool for his younger siblings, great example to friends, and a true joy.  I have been so blessed.  I lovest thou.

Love, thy mother ;)

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