Sunday, June 2, 2013

Swimming, movies and sleeping out

The kids LOVE sleeping out on our balcony.  I mean, who doesn't like to sleep outside?  Other than D.  haha  They load up all the blankets they can find and build it up out there every once in awhile.  Well, as I was doing one of my regular outings to Salvation Army while the family was gone, I ran into a bunch of foyer couches from some casino.  I bought three of them for $30 each and the kids helped me get them upstairs.  So, with three couches (beds) a hugemongous hammock, a cot, and a fold away bed, the kids have pretty much moved outside for as long as they can until the summer heat hits and about kills them.  I've even slept out there a couple of times enjoying the breeze, the stars and my kids.  The kids wonder why I don't sleep out there every night if I love it so much.  It's a good teaching opportunity I suppose.  Explaining that I have a husband that likes me to sleep in bed with him.  ;)

I LOVE my backyard.  I love sitting, or laying out there just enjoying the fresh air, hearing the waterfalls and admiring all that I've done. The kids and I like to watch movies outside on an old tv/dvd player at nights.  I saw some pool loungers and bought them yesterday so that we could have a pool movie night.  The kids were thrilled and asked all day if it were time to watch the movie.  G helped me blow them all up, he helped me trim the sego palms next to the pool so that none of the loungers would pop, and then we handed out A&W rootbeers to put into their drink holders.  The kids all agreed to watch "The Rise of the Guardians".  The kids thought it was great how they could slowly drift around and them move themselves back.  Then it got really fun to move themselves around.  It wasn't too long before the kids were all over the pool just swimming and asking if they could be in the hot tub.  Funny kids.  Then we made it to our usual spot on the couch out back to finish the movie.  It was fun.  Will we watch a movie from the pool again?  Not likely.  :)  Kids just can't sit in a pool, they can't help themselves. I can't say never, because I'm sure my nieces and nephews would like trying it.  We'll see.

And just for fun because D knows how much I love being outside and having fun with the kids, he told me that we should go shopping for a projector.  I shopped online, Amazon actually.  My favorite place!  And we should be getting our DVD/projector in a few days.  Can't wait.

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Erika said...

It looks like it's shaping up to be a mighty fine summer!! :) And I do NOT love my backyard. Grr. It needs so much help. Maybe this fall...