Friday, July 12, 2013

Making our way to Fresno

We got back from our Family Vacation of a road trip last Friday.  It was so much FUN!  First day we were making our way to Fresno, California to break up the trip as we were heading to San Francisco.  We saw a "fruit" something and pulled over excited to pick our own berries.  Well, there was a petting zoo and D, bless his heart, spontaneously took the littles through it.  I giggled and giggled as I watched my city kids plug their noses around the animals.

The berries that we pick ourselves?  Nowhere.  Just some produce inside a little market with some bad jerky that the boys fell for.  But, it was fun seeing G take time to smell the flowers.  :)

And the girls just had to sit in the hand chairs.  The boys wouldn't since the chairs were surrounded by corn and chickens.  City kids.  I left wondering how a friend just a couple days earlier found a Chick fil a in Bakersfield and we found a stinky teeny tiny petting zoo with fruit you don't pick yourself.  haha

It was fun watching A throughout the entire trip reading a new series, by Chris Stewart that he got for his birthday.  He would be reading in the car or with the lamp next to his bed late at nights.

As we drove along we found a fruit stand along the side of the road and we got some amazing nectarines and some spicy pistachios to send C.

Finding our hotel was good and the kids couldn't get in the pool fast enough.  So funny.  Ready to head out to San Fran in the morning.

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