Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I bought D a car

I was on the phone talking to my mom this morning while having a wonderful bubble bath (sorry mom) when I kept getting calls from D.  I think I counted eight phone calls between my cell and the home phone.  Finally, I told my mom that I better answer the phone because D kept trying to call.  So I hung up and another phone call came in from D.  It sounded something like this.  "I need you to come pick me up.  I just totaled my car and we need to go look for a car.  Come get me.  I am at this location".  I went on to ask him if he was alright.  He said yes and to come get him.  Okay, okay.  Not exactly how I wanted my bubble bath to end.  So, I jumped out without washing a dang thing, but seriously, you don't exactly get clean in a bath.  Yuck.  They're just to have those "Calgon take me away moments" and then I rinse off in the shower.  No time for rinsing, though.  I had received nine phone calls and my husband was waiting for me to pick him up and go "look" for a car.  

I knew what "look" meant.  We've been talking about getting him a car for a few months, it just took totaling his car to get one I guess.  I knew that we I would be car shopping today.  I was ready.

It wasn't until I drove up to the collision that I began crying after seeing how badly his car and the other truck were damaged.  All the thoughts of what could have happened raced through my head.  I was so grateful he was okay.  I finally found a place to park my car and I rescued picked up my husband, got the whole story, and talked about how blessed he was to be alright.  He was shaken up pretty badly.  Then, it was time to take over.  Time to give some instructions.

It went something like this.  "D don't say what you are.  Don't tell them that your car just got totaled.  Don't talk.  At all.  I'll buy the car."  (He's an easy sell.  He'd be happy walking out of there paying ten grand too much with eighteen percent finance as long as he has a car to drive.)

We walked around the dealership with the salesman looking at different cars knowing pretty much which one we already wanted.  D was funny not saying anything really.  I finally told him that he could say if he liked a color.  Haha.  The salesman asked what he was driving now and we answered with what he was driving an hour ago.  He asked us what we do for a living.  I responded, "We work".

After a test drive, we decided on the car we knew we would be driving off the lot.  Thing is, the sales guy didn't know we were going to buy it or who he was dealing with. While D was waiting by the car for the sales guy to gather some things to meet inside, I quickly ran to the car to do some final homework as far as a fair price for the car.  On my iPad I looked up the dealership,, and other sites that would make me confident on my asking price.

We sat at the table ready to discuss numbers when the sales guy said,  "Let's get started".  I quickly told him that he was dealing with his worst enemy.  Well, I didn't exactly just tell him.  I laughed and giggled it while saying it, but I meant business.  I told him that I was going "low".  That I wanted the car for the price I wanted it.  Reassuring him that it was going to be a low number.  Obviously I started ridiculously low knowing it would be going up a couple times.  After sending him away a couple times, his manager came over to the table to try to close the deal.  I continued to giggle thinking about what power I had at that moment.  I had a husband that didn't dare talk on the left side of me and a man on the right side of me hoping that he had another car sale in the bag.  I laughed and laughed looking at D, who was probably wondering where his shy wife was that he married almost twenty two years ago.  If only my young women leaders could see me now.  Or my cute neighbor who taught me how to buy a car.  I actually wondered who the heck I was with this over abundance of confidence.  I told the sales guy what I wanted as far as a number.  I told him that I wanted 0% financing.  I told him that I would walk right on out the door if he didn't give me what I wanted.  I pretended to sign my name on the agreed number while I could see that the sales guy was anxiously watching to see if he had done it.  I pulled back laughing knowing that I hadn't signed a thing.  It was awesome!!  Knowing that I had the car right where I wanted it, actually better than I had even thought I could get it, I just teased and taunted the sales guy for a few minutes.  Finally I looked at D and asked, "D, do you like this car?"  He nodded yes.  Then I asked him, "D, do you need this car?"  Another nod, yes. While slightly covering my signature, I followed up by saying..."only because my husband totaled his car this morning!"  Then slid the paper over to the sales guy.  At that point, D and I laughed and laughed and he was then granted permission to speak again.  I had just bought D a car.  The 2013 Nissan Rogue in blue graphite.

So grateful that D is okay.  So grateful for the woman that I have become to be able to go in there on a moments notice and have the confidence I needed to buy D a car.  Such an awesome day.

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Arlyne Nelms @ SpartanToyota said...

It was a blessing that D was saved from the accident. Though, I'm sure it was traumatic for him, you were there just when he needed you most. Great timing, if I may say. You were planning to buy a new car before the incident, right? I hope that D will get over this incident soon.