Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor day weekend

We all went up to the cabin this weekend.  We had fun hiking through Mammoth Cave until I walked right into the ceiling.  Twice actually.  Doesn't feel good.  ha

Then we headed over to Pang-town to visit some family.  While we were there, D took the kids over to Bryce Canyon and had a look so that the kids could say they had seen it.  When they got back and showed me the pictures, I wish I had gone to see it  again.  It's gorgeous!

Then, then, the three big boys went out spotlighting with Uncle Stew.  They saw kangaroo rats and rabbits. They came back pretty stoked saying they had gotten a rabbit.  As in, Uncle Stew shot it I guess, they bashed it until the guts came out and then shot it while hanging on a fence post.  I know it's gruesome but to my city kids they were quite pleased with themselves.  They wanted to make sure that no details were spared when I blogged this.  haha

My kids are ready to take Hunter Safety and anxious to own their own sets of cammo.  They can't wait to go hunting with Uncle Stew.

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