Saturday, October 12, 2013

A dune board

G and J left for the Kelso Sand Dunes today with the scout troop.  G has been waiting to go on this camp out since the minute he left it almost two years ago.  The troop made some sled things to slide down the dunes and J wanted to take a snow sled we have out in the garage.  But.....G wanted to make something.  I suggested he use an old skateboard that isn't ever used.  He was thrilled with the though.  We took off the wheels, filled in the holes with wood filler, sanded it down, painted it and when he was at school, I attached some leather strips for his feet.  He walked into his room and saw it on his bed and was so excited swearing it would be the fastest and best thing any of the boys had to use.  I could only hope for that.  I didn't want him disappointed.

He and J got back tonight and I couldn't wait to ask him how our little dune board worked out.  "It was awesome!  I went 30 miles an hour down the slopes that were steep.  Everyone tried it but I was the only one that could stay on it the whole time.  Thanks so much mom for helping me with that."

Those kinds of things make me happy.  Going to chalk it up to a dune board success.

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