Saturday, October 19, 2013

Handbag Heaven

I haven't gone to yard sales for years.  I feel like they are a waste of time and I never find anything.  But....this time I scored!!  My sisters were down and we ran back to a yard sale that my brother-in-law said we should go back to to check out a doll.  When I got there I noticed the handbags.  They were nice, they were real.  Without trying to make a scene with my eyeballs bonging out all over the place, I quickly grabbed several and educated my sisters and mom about the great deal were seeing.  The lady hadn't put out all of her bags so she said that she would have more out the next day.  So, we ran back this morning and I now have six purses, three wallets and three coin pouches.  Should hold me over for awhile.  I spent under $100 and I very well would have spent $1300-$1600.  I'd like to thank the lady with the compulsive shopping disorder.  We had a blast today.

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