Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had so much fun with Halloween this year.  Well, we always do thinking we've really out done ourselves each year and happy with the comments.  But this year I couldn't help myself with a theme.  We've never done that before.  We love the show, "Duck Dynasty".  It is a funny semi reality show about a family that makes and sells duck calls.  At first glance they seem like rednecks and totally dumb.  But when you watch it, you smile and laugh and enjoy the show because it is clean and the family is close and are religious. Something you don't see much in the media anymore.  Anyway...just like every other year, I begin collecting costume pieces for weeks rather it be on line shopping, thrift store hunting, making do with what we already have, tweaking existing wigs or masks, and this year, ratting the heck out of beards and trimming them just as we walk out the door.  The boys loved all the attention and D was a hit at the ward trunk-or-treat.  Some kids had their eye balls bong out of their heads sure that "Duck Dynasty" was there.  So funny.

Happy Halloween.

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Erika said...

Oh my goodness, I did not recognize D!! I kept thinking, that's too many boys. Ha! Good job. They look great. Love the girls too. So cute. I Love Halloween!