Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Having tea in my laundry room?

Did you know that tea was once served in a woman's closet?  Ladies used to store their china in their closets rather than neat china cabinets or curios and then have their lady friends over for tea.  Right there in their closets.  Well, the armpit of my house is now pretty enough to serve tea in. Armpit no more!

Welcome to my laundry room.

I may just pull up a chair some day and enjoy my pretty little laundry room with its freshly painted walls, cabinets, moldings, doors, new hardware for the cabinets, shelf with things I like, and hidden hoses.  I might even invite my girlfriends over to enjoy it with me.  :)  Or get this....I might even keep up on my laundry so that it stays pretty.  :)  I'm so happy right now I can hardly even stand it.

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