Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chalkboard art

I found a huge frame at Goodwill for $19 and thought I would find a mirror to put in it.  I tried all kinds of things and then finally thought that I could have a chalkboard.  G bought a piece of wood for $8 and had it cut at Lowe's to fit into the frame.  He liquid nailed it together.  Painted the frame gold, the wood with black chalkboard paint and called it my "Christmas present".  I thought it was perfect.  I may or may not have suggested that with me being down and out on the couch after surgery.  

I found an example of what I wanted on Pinterest and got out my chalk and drew it.  It's anything but perfect, but the message IS and I want to bust out in song whenever I walk by.  It's from my favorite music of ALL time.  Handel's Messiah.  


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