Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Piano

I stopped by the Salvation Army today and found this treasure.

I quickly called D and told him that I had found the deal of a lifetime.  He said, "Now what?"  I went on to tell him that I found a baby grand piano at the Salvation Army that had a some discoloration from being in a house fire but it was beautiful and sounded great and was in great condition.  He told me that I could get it if I had a place for it.  I told him I did.  (Not really, but I couldn't let it just sit there.  I would find somewhere.)

I pulled the price tag off of it and ran to the book section to see if there were any piano books for me to play a song on it.  I found one guitar book and it was enough for me to play and really get a feel for it.  One of the workers came out and asked me if I was really interested in getting it.  I quickly responded, "yes".  He was nervous for me and explained that they have a no return policy.  I was fine knowing that I was getting such a great piece.  In his nervousness he knocked down the price 20% and then another 20%.  I was ecstatic.  I got out the car and sent a text to D telling him how much I had gotten our baby grand for.  Woohoo

On my way home I called a piano moving company and they were able to deliver it this afternoon.  I am so happy.  I love it.  And.....I really did have a place for it after all.  Right where the other piano used to be.  :)

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