Friday, March 7, 2014

He chose red

My friend and I walked our kids to school this morning.  It really is quite the sight.  Five kids on scooters, two moms and an empty double jogger.  (to haul back all the strollers)  It's about a two mile walk to school so it's a pretty good little work out.  Anyway, we were almost to school when little g screams out ahead of us.  He's on the ground, after crashing his scooter, so I run up to see how he is.  He quickly says he wants to get in the stroller.  His arm hurts and his private hurts.  Oh boy.  We continue on our way to school and I left him in the nurse's office with some ice on his arm, reassuring him that if it continued to hurt, call me and I'd be on my way to pick him up.  

At 11:39 I got a call saying he was still hurting.  So, I grabbed him while I picked up S from kindergarten.  I don't have time for him to hurt today.  I'm working on my windows while they're getting new casings (yippee), going to the temple, cleaning, preparing for company and being out of town tomorrow, etc.  But, my handyman Dave, felt his arm and told me that he had a fracture.  Great.  I jumped in the car, called my pediatric orthopedic and raced over.  Just yesterday I was there getting G's cast off and now I'm racing in with another boy to get yet another cast.  What is wrong with this picture?  Anyway, got the x-rays, sneeked a peek, saw a break, little g picked out red and we drove home with a red cast on his arm.  

Poor little guy was so sick too.  He was hot, and hurting and had a migraine.  He about passed out when I was paying as we were leaving and then he was sobbing all the way home trying to make his head not hurt while covering his eyes to make it dark.  Anyway, I found out that I always have time for my kids.  Always.  The other stuff still turned out great, I wasn't stressed and it all worked out.  He thanked me for taking him to the doctor.  I love that little boy.  

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