Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring break

It was so much fun having the big boys home for Spring break.  It worked out perfectly seeing how it was their Spring break along with our Spring break at the same time.

A's only request at coming home?  A trip to Cane's.

D took us all out one night to Skyzone where the kids had fun jumping on the trampolines and then we went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner.

I took the kids to one of their favorite places here to climb the rocks.  And boy did they.  Even little g.  I watched as all five of my boys climbed this huge mountain hoping all would be okay but grateful little g was included.  They were gone for quite awhile while the girls and I stayed at the bottom eating our sandwiches.  Finally, I saw the boys start over the edge of the mountain to come down.  Silly boys trying to scare their mom half to death acting like they're falling or losing their footing.  What was weird is that I could hear them say things so I just sat there giggling knowing they were faking.  When they got all the way back down they couldn't wait to tell me how a swarm of hundreds of bees had run into them.  They had heard and seen the swarm of bees headed for them.  G was semi hanging from a rock when they came by and had to hold still not to alarm them or to make himself fall.  Two of the kids had their heads buried in their shirts.  They told me that they had told each other not to move and to hold still.  They could feel the bees bouncing off of them.  Now I'm crying as I write this.  I know it was a miracle today that none of the boys received one bee sting and that they could hold so still when they had to.  They laughed afterwards telling me that they just kept imagining me up there and that they were glad it wasn't me with the bees.  I'm just so grateful that my cute boys were watched over today because it could have been so bad.

little g showed me his talent that he has in common with G.

D took A to drive his dream car, the Audi R8.

We've had a great week with each other doing fun things.  This afternoon though, it was time to shift into 'get ready to go to the wedding' mode.  The kids helped me load all of the stuff for the luncheon in the suburban, the kids got packed, and we got the house ready to come back for Easter.  I was doing laundry tonight when G informed me that the washer wasn't working.  What??  So, G and J emptied the washer of all the clothes and brought them to me while they drained the washing machine one cup at a time.  I stood there at the sink in the kitchen hand washing a super capacity sized load of laundry at 11:30.  I was crying off and on that hour I was so tired and I just wanted to get to bed.  But here I am documenting my week excited about tomorrow and all that will happen this weekend.  It's been such a good week and I'm so grateful.

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