Monday, July 7, 2014

To Provo we did go

While G went to his first EFY in Provo, the other kids and I had fun in Provo for a few days.  I had never really spent any time there, so we thought we'd make a little trip out of it.  I got us a tent space at KOA in Springville and it was almost the hit of the entire trip.  The kids LOVED staying in a ten there for three nights.  We were close to the nice and clean restrooms, basketball court and park, laundry facility, and lounge room.  We would totally stay there again.

My friend Robyn K. was out visiting from Georgia so that's why we made a point of spending time up there with her and her three boys.  I brought Hammy along and it was really fun having him with us.  What did we do?

Hiked up to the "Y" on the mountain.  It is straight up!

I took the kids to Seven Peaks three times.  The kids had a blast on all of the slides, wave pool, lazy river and seeing a Utah Jazz player.

We hung out with Amara a couple times, one up Provo Canyon where the kids played in a stream and then we saw two moose, and then we went up to her house for a bbq and a movie.  It was so fun seeing her.

We met up with Robyn a few times where the kids enjoyed playing miniature golf, rock climbing, and bumper cars.  Then we spent the 4th of July with her and her family where the kids helped with the fireworks.  They were in heaven.

I took the kids to the Hot air balloon festival on the 4th of July.  It was fun seeing all the different balloons.  The girls loved seeing a little girl and her American Girl Doll with her very own hot air balloon.  Once we returned home, I received a picture from Robyn saying she had taken a picture of her son at the festival and hadn't even realized I was in the picture.  Too funny!

The street where the parade was supposed to be was lined with tents, sleeping bags, couches, BBQs, tables and chairs, and people.  We thought it was kind of funny that people were so serious about getting a good "position" for the parade, but then we thought it was actually a fun tradition that many of them had each year.  I love doing silly things like that.

While driving home we were backed up for awhile and saw smoke.  This is what we saw once we got closer.

Then we had to stop in Beaver for fresh cheese curd and ice cream.  It's tradition.

Made one last stop for the kids to rest.  The kids had fun with bows and arrows.  It was so fun seeing them trying to figure them out.  Literally.  Sometimes the arrows were pointing backwards.  

Such a fun trip.  Such fun memories with my kids.  So grateful I can pitch a tent, my kids are easy going and we have fun together.  And EFY?.......  G LOVED it.  It's worth every penny.  It's the right thing to do. 

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