Saturday, July 19, 2014

We're just the craft ladies at girl's camp

I got to go to Girl's camp this year.  As a "craft lady".  Let me just say it is the most cush job ever!!  I went with my friend Sheri and we became even greater friends.  We had so much fun visiting, giggling, sleeping, doing whatever we wanted while others were racing here and there doing their assignments.

We had super fun crafts that the girls ate up, in fact so much so, that we had to go down the mountain and buy more supplies.  Here are a pair of my washi tape feather earrings we made.  Such a fun week.

One morning while I was up for my walk/run, I was on top of a hill and saw the sunrise.  It was beautiful and so peaceful.  I was so grateful that I was there, that my knee was doing well enough that I could be there, that I was a daughter of a Heavenly Father that loved me.  One of my countless tender mercies.

And our drive home?  Beautiful!!  The mountains, the red rocks, the fields, the desert.  I could have built a house there all by my little lonesome.  With sidewalks of course.  Those are big to me.  :)


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